jayme-about-photoJayme Sloan Hennel
Owner & Creative Director of Hennel Paper Co.
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I have been drawing and creating art for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was never without a sketchbook and art set wherever I went. In a corner of my office there is a pile of neatly stored sketchbooks that I often look through. Each page brings back sweet memories from my childhood.

Growing up I was inspired most by my grandmother. She was so encouraging. Whenever I showed her a new drawing she would rave about each one as if I had created a masterpiece. I knew, even back then, that not everything was the masterpiece that she made it out to be, but those wonderful words gave me the confidence that I needed at an early age. Whether or not she knew it at the time, she was the driving force behind me.

As I grew older it was those fond memories of her that pushed me to get a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design. I used this degree to help me get a job in the design field which, in turn, opened avenues of freelance work to me. Over the past seven years I have gained professional design experience, sharpened my digital skills and rediscovered my passion for drawing. Incorporating my love for drawing with my design experience, I founded this company with a business model built on the rule of following my heart and the belief that time spent should be done so pursuing happiness.



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