Dear 30.. Let’s be friends.


Since I posted my 29 accomplished in 29 list it only makes sense to do a 30 in 30 list as a follow-up and reminder to myself for when I get distracted in the monotony of everyday life. Turning thirty is not the easiest of milestones and to counteract that I am focusing on the good. No. Nope. I’m focusing on the GREAT. I feel like I finally have a solid footing and I am just getting started. My overarching goal for this year: have fun in the everyday. Life is way too short to postpone that. So my plan is to do all of the things on my list and have a blast doing them. Let’s go:

​1. Start running and complete a 10k
2. Start offering custom illustration and branding work
3. Return to the custom weddings invitation game on my own terms – (no more hand trimming)
4. Take HPC wholesale
5. Get a cute swim suit and go swimming in lake Michigan
6. Take up calligraphy
7. Get a bike (with a bell) & go biking with Steve
8. Travel: Boston, MA, and Wilmington, NC (Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC just got checked off the list)
9. Plant and not kill a garden
10. Wear more cute skirts
11. Redo our backyard deck
12. Get on my web game – be more efficient in html & css
13. Learn (well, relearn) French
14. Take a class
15. Go horseback riding
16. Wake up on time to make more of my day, in other words stop hitting snooze
17. Code a new portfolio website (in progress)
18. Go to a concert with Steve
19. Create a cohesive, accomplishable (and amazing) five-year business plan
20. Get fancy at cooking
21. Take Linus on adventures
22. Start a daily creative project (just started this yesterday)
23. Participate in Blogging for Books (in progress)
24. Get my letterpress on
25. Knit some really cute knee socks (like this)
26. Start writing a book
27. Focus on quality not quantity
28. Create a giant painting for our living room
29. Cook my way through Clean Start
30. Do something for the greater good
Bonus: Attend a conference

​And there it is. It’s going to be a fun year. ​


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