Literature & Letterpress


I’ve been making a few changes round the ol’ blog lately in response to the fact that I have been reading like mad and prepping my Sigwalt No. 9 to finally be up and running. So to share my wisdom if you will, I’ve decided to create resource lists for my literature and letterpress loving friends. Up in the top navigation on the blog you will now see “Books” and “Letterpress”. Though pretty self explanatory I will break it down. Books: a list of books I’m currently reading, have recently read and what’s next on my reading list. If the book I just read stinks, it’s not going to make the cut. Letterpress: a list of resources I’ve complied in my quest to start printing on the Sigwalt. This is not a comprehensive list, it might not even be a good list, but it’s my list and I like it.

If anyone has any reading recommendations or letterpress resources please feel free to send them to me!


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