Making Things Happen 2012

I’ve been spending a long time thinking about how to write this post and exactly how to describe the Making Things Happen Intensive to do it justice. I’ve been trying to really soak it all up and process what I experienced. Making Things Happen is described as an intensive designed to fire you up. And this is true, but it is so much more than that. It is change. It is focus. It is support. It is a new way of thinking. It is a way of life.

I ended 2011 sad, upset, overwhelmed, lost and craving change. I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I was going to do it, but I knew 2012 was going to be different. I was going to change. I had to change. I started seeking out positive people with similar interests. I found Emily Ley and her blog lead to me to find Lara Casey, Gina Zeidler and MTH. I knew at first glance this was exactly the kick in the pants I needed. I started reading the MTH blog, found this post Lara wrote that really stuck to me: How to Make Things Happen: Vol. 1 and then I found The Challenge. The Challenge is the base of MTH. It lays the ground work to get you started. It’s a 10 step action plan with a common sense approach for making big changes and getting things done. It is hard work. But it’s so worth every ounce of effort.

In our session on May 1st in Chapel Hill, NC we had 30+ amazing women sitting together in a group bearing our hearts, fears and dreams to each other. Some of us were mothers, some entrepreneurs trying to get started, some business owners looking to re-energize, and some of us trying to figure out our paths. Regardless of who each one of us are, we were all there for the same reason. We are trying to find focus, courage, motivation, and energy, to do what fills each one of us with passion. We are trying to get back to our authentic cores to live our best lives. Making Things Happen is a wonderful place to start if you are in the same boat as me and my new friends. It’s a push to get started, to keep going, to face your fears and to realize your dreams. It is so so easy to get lost in the everyday, to get too busy to pursue your passions and forget to follow your heart. This intensive reminds you to slow down. To focus on what matters to you. To search in your soul and define who you are at your core. To honestly speak your deepest fears and face them. To clear the mental clutter that can be so overwhelming it holds you back from ever even getting started. These topics speak to my soul. I often find myself so overwhelmed by life that I forget to slow down and do what really matters to me. I lost sight of who I was at the center of my being. I was so busy trying to do it all that I forgot to stop and have fun. I forgot to do anything that makes me who I am. I forgot. It’s hard for me to even write that because it makes me sad. The day I realized this, is the day that that life ended. I never would have got there with out The Challenge and MTH. It forced me to dig deep and pull myself back out. Being present and participating in MTH changed my world. I stood there that day in a room full of  women, each one of them strong and talented, and saw that I am not alone. I walked out of that room feeling clear, focused and relaxed. I haven’t felt like that in years. I am forever grateful to Lara, Gina, Emily and Making Things Happen.

It was hard work. It continues to be hard work that I am practicing everyday. Good things come to those who work for them. If these things aren’t worth working for, they aren’t worth having. For me, they are absolutely worth working for. Everyday. I encourage everyone out there to read the challenge and put it into practice. It changed my world and it might just change yours too.

This whole thing started with one woman. She got an email asking “How do you get things done?” And here we are today. That one email has change hundreds of lives. All it takes is a spark to light your match.


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