There is no great reward, without great risk.

I read this post this morning and it really resonated me. Emily Ley and the ladies at Making Things Happen are an inspiration for all of us. It doesn’t matter what we want to accomplish, all that matters is that we have the bravery to actually make it happen. This message is a great reminder for me that it is necessary to take BIG chances to achieve my BIG dreams.

I’m reminded that sometimes all that is standing between me and want I want is fear. Make the decision. Take the leap. See what happens. And even if I don’t end up where I wanted to, at least I tried. There is nothing stopping me from trying again.

A big thank you to Emily for posting this.

Also, the ladies at Making Brands Happen, Emily Ley and Lara Casey, are hosting a webinar series called Business and Branding. Powerful Branding – March 14, Client Experience – April 11, and Get Published – May 16. I know I will be signing up for at least one of these sessions (if not all of them) and am really looking forward to it. More information is available on their website


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