i heart my bike

I am on the path to becoming a bike obsessed person. Isn’t she pretty? No, I mean awesome!?

I got home one night last week to find the box on the front porch literally ripped in two, wrapped in all kinds of plastic sheeting with styrofoam spilling out. The inside of the box wasn’t any better either. Luckily the bike survived shipping. Thanks a lot Sears. I have a feeling that the UPS guy had a tough time getting it unloaded by himself. This thing is seriously heavy; much much heavier than the 40 pounds shipping weight that was listed on the site, which makes sense since the fly wheel alone is 40 pounds.

Set-up was simple, took me 30 minutes. Most of it was already pre-assembled. After a week of having her set-up, right in the middle of the living room, I’ve put in 65+ miles. I was hoping for closer to 100, but still not too shabby. I found an app for my iPhone called RunKeeper, that I have been using to track my workouts, time distance, speed, calories, etc. It’s a pretty cool app that lets you enter information manually and also has the ability to track it for you with GPS. Since this is a stationary bike, the GPS doesn’t help me too much, but with the computer that came with the bike it’s not a problem. When I was shopping for a spin bike I had a short list of things that the bike had to have. A computer was one of them and I am so glad that I didn’t cave and get a less expensive bike without one. Speaking of less expensive, this bike was the deal of the century – online sale at sears.com, midnight shoppers’ sale for additional savings, online coupon code, free shipping.. it was just too good to pass it up. All I need now is a gel seat cover, battery for my heart rate watch and maybe some cool spinning and scenic DVDs and I will be all set.




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