Belated Intentions for 2011

  1. Actually read my blog feeds rather than only looking at the awesome photos.
  2. Be a morning person or at the very least wake up at a reasonable hour – ie: not 11am.
  3. Become a letterpressing master.
  4. Learn calligraphy.
  5. Be a more positive person – sorry sarcasm, take a vacation.
  6. Tackle my anxiety (Plan: see #7).
  7. Spin like a pro – you know, bikes.
  8. Become an old movie connoisseur.
  9. Write at least 3 blog posts week.
  10. Do something productive everyday (at home).

And to make an uneven 11.. eat more cupcakes. Not the crappy kind out of a box either, I’m talking about delicious, delectable, moist, gooey, frosting covered cupcakes. Yes, that’s right. If you have your mind set on doing something, might as well do it right.


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