If any of you remember from a previous post “Inspired by: Madebyjulene” I was talking about how much I loved her papercuts and how I had a plan to make the most amazing wedding invitations ever created. Well, those wedding invitations didn’t exactly turn out as planned, but in the process of trying to make them, I made this instead. I should clarify, I handmade this instead. Even though the “most amazing wedding invitations ever created” were a bust, we still had some super amazing wedding invitations that we both loved, and this turned out to be a nice little addition to our home decor. It reminds us of our wedding with a tree, love birds and the Whitney all rocking our dining room wall.

My secret weapon die-cutting machine turned out to have some issues with Windows 7, which was terribly disappointing. So in the pursuit of awesomeness I designed this in Illustrator and hand cut it.

Luckily though, I was able to high-jack the fiance’s (now husband’s) computer, hello Vista!, and make these little birdies. Cute, right? To see the “secret weapon” in action, here is a short video. We used these little red bird tags for our wishing tree at our wedding reception instead of a guest book. Potted manzanita branches, red birds, eyelets, baker’s twine, and white gel pens.. glorious. Everyone had a lot of fun writing the tags and we had a ball getting to read all of them after them wedding.


2 thoughts on “Papercuts

  1. the birds are a great idea! and i love the makeshift tree- I would keep it up in my house for a while its very cute!

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