Giddy Up!

Subject: Lightbox
Initial Thoughts: Make my own
Revised Thoughts: Find a high quality, yet inexpensive, one online and buy it

And that’s exactly what I did. I’ve been thinking about making a lightbox for years, quite literally. And somehow it just never happened. So while I was looking up tutorials and methods today online… again, I hopped onto and was pleasantly surprised to see that they wouldn’t necessarily clear out my bank account. So I compared, decided on what size would work best for me and added the CowboyStudio 30″ Photo Soft Box Light Tent Cube with 4 Chroma Key Backdrops to my cart for a grand total of $34.99. I love “free super saver shipping”. Combined with my already owned tripod (that I bought at Microcenter for $10!) and some table lamps, you are all in for a photographic treat. Time to start taking better photos. Giddy Up CowboyStudios!


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