It’s Not You, It’s Me

Sorry Etsy, it’s really not you. Well, it is sort of you. But it’s mostly me. I love you, don’t get me wrong, but I think we just need some space.

Due to the overwhelming chaos that is my life right now, I’ve decided to take a brief, albeit necessary, break (not break-up) from my Etsy shop. I am getting married in 25 days, that’s right two-five, and I am in the “finalizing all of the details and taking care of all the crap” phase of the planning, as I like to not so lovingly refer to it as. The decisions have been made, the crafts are mostly completed and I’m in the home stretch. You’d think this would be less stressful. And you’d be wrong. My stress level has exponentially increased in the last two weeks.

Can you tell I’m totally not a big white dress, been planning my dream wedding since I was five years old, type of girl? My excitement about the planning ended once I finished my invitations. Figures, right? I am, however, very excited about the getting married part, just not so hot on the planning. If I had it to do all over again I would hire an amazing wedding planner and have her hire people to do all of the things I’ve been doing myself – flowers, centerpieces, bouquets, jewelry, cake – to name a few. I have the crafty person DIY curse. It’s insane and hind sight is 20/20. 25 more days. You get it. (Pics of the invites are coming soon by the way – and they are awesome! Of course they are. Like they wouldn’t be, right?)

So, back to the point, my shop will reopen on Monday, November 8th – once I’ve regained my some of my sanity and taken a breath. Thank you to all of my lovely customers and supporters. I appreciate your patience and I really can’t wait to get back to it!



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