Want to try something new? Going for a rustic or nature inspired look? We’ll I’ve got just the thing for you. In my quest to create the most amazing wedding invitations ever, I came across the GMUND Savanna paper collection. It has an exotic wood grain embossed finish in eight different earth shades (depending on where you buy it). It is the first wood embossing in the paper industry that really has the character of wood. Savanna paper is made with chlorine free cellulose, is pH neutral, fade resistant and FSC® certified.

I purchased the Limba (white) 111# cover stock at LCI Paper. My favorite little paper supplier, Blue Dot Paper Shop, now also has it available in smaller quantities (= smaller price) if you don’t need as much of it.

Printing on a laser printer is not recommended, inkjet works best in this case. Do a test print, preferably on a sample sheet before you purchase a whole pack. I can’t say that loud enough. My original plan was to print my design out on this paper at a print shop, but I learned otherwise and this happy accident turned into using my Limba paper to create the envelopment folders for my wedding invitations, rather than them being the invitations themselves. With its sturdy weight, it worked perfectly for that and turned out better than what I was originally planning to do, and single-handedly formed the entire theme for my upcoming wedding. Who knew paper could be that influential? More on this to come later.

If I haven’t been as influential to you as GMUND was to me and you aren’t ready to commit just yet, the good people over at GMUND will gladly send you up to 5 A4 samples free of charge. Did you read that? FREE OF CHARGE. Go! Get some GMUND!


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