You know what they say…

usbheatinggloveslady41Cold hands, warm heart. Well I must have an oversized aortic pump. Friends reference, I can’t help it.

I freeze from about the end of September until mid-May. So I’ve made it my personal mission for 2009 to let my hands be ice no more.

Solution: USB Gloves. Consensus: I LOVE THEM.

Pros: 2 levels of heat (low and high), on/off switch for each glove, mitten covers so they can be worn as fingerless gloves or mittens, no batteries needed đŸ™‚

Cons (but not deal breakers): I’m wired to my computer, heating elements don’t run through fingers/are located only on the top of the hand which leave my fingers still feeling a bit chilled, a bit child like in the knit pattern.

I sit at my desk all day so being wired to it isn’t a big deal. We also sit in the dark for the most part, so no one even knows I’m wearing them let alone that they have the abc’s stitched on the fingers. I find that I like to use the left hand in mitten mode and the right hand as a glove. This lets me work the mouse properly and keep my left hand toasty. Overall I love these things.


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