Once upon a time it was the beginning..

As daunting and scary as it once seemed, doing it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be once you actually got started. We’ve all been there. I am at that place today as I finally start some sort of an online portfolio. After all I did call it an exhibit for a reason.

This site’s purpose is to serve as a portal, if you will, from my daily computer screen to yours. As time goes on I will be uploading projects that I am working on to give you an idea of just what type of designer I am. My current role (technically) as Lead Designer at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine varies greatly from day to day, and even from minute to minute. We are a small office that is trying to change the world (at least it feels that way) and bring a better approach for all to enjoy the fruits of our labor. With limited budget, university restraints and a very small body count of 2 full timers (that’s right 2).. I play a very active role. Some of the things I am responsible for are: web, print, digital & multi-media designs, content, information architecture, design staff manager, project management, and last but not least client & outside vendor point person. Some days it is a challenge.. most days if not all, to be brutally honest. But when all is said and done, I like the challenge. Bring it.


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